Dylan Raquel Real Estate

Formerly known as J. Samuel Ross Realtors

28416 Lewis Place, Suite 12B

Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Office: 818-839-1395

Broker Cell: 805-551-5308

BRE# 01399004

Broker: Jason Ross

You have relationships. Those relationships can turn into opportunities to help people buy or sell homes. When you leverage those  relationships, the last thing you want is a broker telling you that you need to do it their way. Real estate should be done YOUR WAY. That's why the client listed their home with YOU. Dylan Raquel Real Estate will help you achieve success.

Control over commissions

No more begging for the broker's permission on the fees you charge your clients.



Genuine Assistance

The broker is actually interested in helping when problems arise. Even on weekends.

High Splits Immediately

Agents with 2 sales or more start at an 88% split. And you'll never pay more than $1595 per transaction.


Set yourself up for greater flexibility in all aspects of your business. You can make more types of deals at Dylan Raquel. You can say YES to services for your clients that meet their needs, and make you the hero that you are.

Dylan Raquel Real Estate was created so that agents would have more control over their careers. From full choice over how much commission you charge, to a cap on the amount you pay the brokerage.


Brand YOU not us

We're not in it for you to be a billboard of our company. We want the brand to be YOU!



Join a real estate brokerage where the AGENT is the star.