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Formerly known as J. Samuel Ross Realtors

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Agoura Hills, CA 91301

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Broker: Jason Ross

Custom for sale signs

You have spent endless hours perfecting your market presence. You might even be known in the neighborhood or area. Certainly you have a relationship that YOU created with the owner of the house that you are selling.

Yet somehow with most real estate brokerages, that means THEY get to use your listing as a billboard for their company, while allowing you to maybe have your name on the sign.

THAT ENDS NOW!! At J. Samuel Ross Realtors, you have total freedom over the appearance of your sign, so long as it is legal in its message. 

  • Have a logo of your own that you want to use? Have at it! Your logo is WELCOMED!
  • Sending out postcards nearby with a matching logo? The sign should brand YOU!
  • Want your leads to come to you? Your phone number goes on the sign! You don't have to put our phone number on the sign.
  • Have a message about yourself you want to advertise? You are welcome to do so.

It's about FREEDOM!! Freedom to market yourself and your listing the way you see fit.

Real estate is a business of marketing. Your signs should allow you to increase awareness of YOU, not us! You can use our logo if you wish, but it is NOT a requirement.

**Special regulations apply when it comes to agents who market themselves as "team, group, or associates." Broker approval is required before going to print.

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