88% split to the agent, with a maximum payment to the brokerage of $1595.

And that's on each transaction.

You didn’t earn the client's trust based on anything the broker did to make that relationship. So why should your broker have any say over what percentage he/she will “allow” you to keep? Only when a broker has a direct link to providing you with the client, should the broker have any say on how much they arbitrarily allow you to keep. It’s YOUR MONEY!!

Give yourself a raise by switching to J. Samuel Ross Realtors.

Our flat fee model is the fastest growing model of commission arrangements in real estate today. But for the agent who makes a small sale, a flat fee can result in an unfair share being collected by the broker. That's why J. Samuel Ross Realtors developed the hybrid approach.

88% splits for your small sales. And $1595 cap payable to the brokerage for your large sales. And that cap is NOT after you pay endless money to the brokerage each year. It's based on EACH transaction from the moment you join, an absolute benefit to the agent!! **

Small sale: Sell a condo for $100,000? You might have a total commission of only $3000.00. $1595 of that $3000 would be more than half. So by giving you a split of 88%, you still keep the vast majority of the commission.

Large sale: Sell a home for $1,000,000? You might have a total commission of $25,000.00. A traditional broker split of about 30% would normally leave you with $17,500.00. But thanks to the cap of $1595 to the brokerage, you keep an astounding $23,405.00. That's a difference of $5905.00 that you keep on just one single sale!

Rather than a percentage, where your broker “lucks out” that you worked to develop a client relationship that turned into a sale (just an example), our model operates on a principle that we ought to work for YOU, rather you working for us.

Let’s take a look at our fee structure:

When you cap at $1595, each sale fee includes:

  • Share to the brokerage
  • Transaction coordinator fees (not included when 88% split applies)
  • Errors and Omission insurance coverage​

As you can clearly see, J. Samuel Ross offers the best commissions anywhere! Why not join today?

**Agents must have 2 documented closed sales in California to qualify for splits/commissions shown on this page.

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